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10 Things You Can Do to Pamper Your Wife During Her Maternity Period

The maternity period can be complicated and highly overwhelming for your wife. So, at this time, your wife requires extra love and affection from you, and here’s how you can show that…


1. Write down your feelings on a note

During pregnancy, women face lots of mood swings due to hormones. She might feel down for a few hours to a few days. You can make her mood a little bit better by doing something creative.

Write down your feelings on a note to express your love and support. If possible, add drawings or poems to make her feel extra special.

2. Be attentive toward her

Giving attention to someone is the best way to portray that you care for that person. She needs your shoulder to tackle her overwhelming emotions. Try to be super attentive in this period.

Similarly, you might feel nervous, happy, or overwhelmed by becoming a parent. Communicate these feelings with her. Knowing that you both are in the same place will create a comfort zone in the relationship.

This journey might feel like a roller coaster. So, hold your partner’s hand and enjoy the ride.

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3. Don’t judge her belly

Some partners find the belly scary. If you are one of them, you should fix these issues as soon as possible. Because sooner or later, your wife will realize this, and she will feel terrible about it.

In some cases, women felt their bellies are not showing up as much as they should. In this case, take her to a doctor and let the doctor assure her. Further, if she still brings up these issues, relieve her anxiety by talking to her.

4. Cook for her and clean the table afterward

The cravings level of a pregnant woman can be high. You can prepare her a dish and serve it with love. Don’t forget to turn on her favorite music and light a candle. Clean the table afterward so that she can rest.

5. Be understanding of her mood

The discomfort of the body and the excess weight can make women moody. But don’t let that affect you. Both of you are going through a huge transformation. Understand it and be with her in the bad times. Always keep a clean handkerchief handy.

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6. Spend some time outdoors

If there are no complications in the pregnancy, you can take her to a movie theater or on a short trip. If she loves shopping, you guys can go to a nearby mall. Make sure all the locations are near hospitals or your home.

This is because if she doesn’t feel well, you can take her back immediately. You can also go for a walk in the park with your wife. Nature is known to relieve tension.

7. Massage her feet

Foot rubs are like being in heaven for pregnant wives because all the weight pressurizes the legs directly.

Use exotic essential oils for foot massage to lift her spirit in minutes. Plus, the rub will help remove all the stress and negativity from her mind and body.

8. Try to accompany her to all the doctor’s visit

I know it’s impossible to give company to the doctor’s visit every time if you are working. But try to do it as much as possible.

Don’t miss the first ultrasound. This one is a very special moment. Hold her hands while listening to your child’s heartbeat and seeing your baby for the first time. You guys will remember this time forever.

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9. Take her swimming

Exercise is very important during pregnancy. It helps the body to release happy hormones. Swimming is a good exercise because it reduces stress and strengthens the muscles. Your wife can buy maternity swimwear and join the club. 

10. Make a spa appointment

A day at a spa can make her feel rejuvenated and pampered at the same time. You can also book a home spa to avoid any kind of travel.

To Sum Up

So, these are a few ways that you can adopt to pamper your wife in this vulnerable time. Be sure to carry all the medications while traveling somewhere. You can also plan for a staycation so that her friends can visit her and cheer her up. 



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