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Après-Ski Outfits: Finding Glamour in Snowy Style

After a day of mastering the slopes and packing away the skis, it’s time to dive into the après-ski outfits. And remember, just because your skiing is done for the day doesn’t mean you can’t still dazzle with your winter style. Welcome to the world of post-skiing outfits, where comfort, warmth, and fashion blend seamlessly.

Après-ski fashion masterfully combines cozy warmth with effortless chic, ensuring you stay snug and stylish during chilly alpine evenings. Our guide explores the essentials of post-slope style, covering everything from snug knitwear and fashionable ski jackets to chic winter boots and eye-catching headgear.

It’s a comprehensive look at the various styles, fabrics, and accessories that elevate your post-ski fashion, perfect for destinations like Aspen, the Dolomites, or Whistler. Get ready to make a fashion statement in the snow.


Après-Ski Outfits


Isabel Marant Ski Wear Collection.
A color-blocked puffer jacket brings some pizazz to ski season. Photo: Isabel Marant

Embrace the essence of après-ski elegance by accentuating the classic color block puffer with a streamlined silhouette. Opt for slim-fitting, high-waisted trousers to complement the jacket’s volume, ensuring a balanced proportion.

Consider swapping the playful fur boots for sleek, waterproof ankle boots, adding an edge while maintaining practicality in snowy conditions.

A fitted ribbed turtleneck in a neutral tone could provide warmth and a touch of sophistication under the jacket. Accessorize minimally with insulated leather gloves and a cashmere beanie to maintain a functional and stylish look.


Blue Apres Ski Outfit
Channel ice queen chic in monochromatic pale blue, topped with futuristic shades and snow boots. Photo: ASOS

A cool blue and white palette channels the crispness of icy landscapes. Enhance this frosty aesthetic outfit with a tailored fit, ensuring the snow jacket and ski pants hug comfortably, offering both style and insulation.

Consider a belt with a metallic buckle for a hint of shine and to define the waist. Swap out the plain gloves for ones with touch-screen compatibility so functionality meets fashion.

For the feet, thermal-lined boots with a sturdy grip will ensure practicality without compromising the outfit’s sleek design. To complete this alpine ensemble, a pair of statement goggles with UV protection will shield your eyes while serving as a stylish accessory. 


Karl Lagerfeld Paris Après Ski 2021 Collection.
Channel winter vibes in a metallic puffer, graphic knit sweater, and sleek black beanie. Photo: Karl Lagerfeld Paris

Striking the perfect balance between mountain-ready and street-smart style, look for an ensemble that pairs a graphic sweater with a voluminous quilted coat for an on-trend look with layers. To refine the outfit, switch the black beanie for a cashmere version, adding luxury to the practicality.

The sweater’s statement branding can be complemented with sleek, tailored ski pants that offer a snug fit without sacrificing mobility.

For a pop of color, consider a pair of gloves in a bold hue or with subtle patterns. A pair of polished, insulated boots will keep the feet warm and add a touch of sophistication. Lastly, a durable yet stylish backpack will serve as both a practical ski accessory and a fashionable statement piece.


Hat Cardigan Apres Ski Outfits
Serve up retro ski-lodge charm in a patterned cardigan, ivory pants, and cozy shearling boots. Photo: Anthropologie

Channel nostalgic alpine charm with patterned knitwear and classic winter accessories. To modernize the ensemble, consider layering a sleek, longline thermal vest underneath the cardigan for added warmth and a hint of contemporary styling.

Swap the beanie for a faux fur bucket hat, offering a chic nod to vintage ski fashion. A pair of high-waisted flared trousers in a light shade enhances the retro vibe. For footwear, upgrade to shearling-lined waterproof boots with a slight heel for elegance and practicality in the snow.

Complete the look with a pair of leather gloves and round, polarized sunglasses for a sophisticated finish.


Neutral Apres-Ski Outfit Mango
Embrace minimalist elegance with a neutral-toned chevron sweater and wide-leg cream trousers. Photo: Mango

soft neutral palette exudes understated elegance, ideal for après-ski leisure with a printed sweater. To refine this look, consider a sleek, cashmere wrap in a complementary hue around the neck instead of a chunky scarf, providing warmth with a more sophisticated profile.

Swap the flat shoes for elevated shearling-lined ankle boots to add a subtle lift and enhance the silhouette while keeping the feet cozy.

For a touch of functional luxury, a pair of slim leather gloves warm the hands and add a refined edge. A delicate pair of gold hoop earrings and a classic watch would complete the outfit with a minimal yet chic touch.


Ski Suit Outfit Free People
Rock a ski suit or leggings set with whimsical prints to bring personality to your style. Photo: Free People

A body-hugging ski suit with its unique print sets a playful yet bold statement on the slopes. For headwear, a faux-fur-lined trapper hat could offer additional warmth and a touch of luxe, contrasting the suit’s streamlined nature.

Opt for insulated, waterproof boots with a chunky sole for practicality and a nod to current fashion trends. A pair of touchscreen-compatible gloves in a complementary color would allow for convenience and cohesion.

Finally, accessorize with a pair of mirrored ski goggles resting atop the head to keep the winter sun at bay while adding a touch of sporty chic.

Ski Outfit Essentials


Puffer Jacket Apres Ski Moncler
A jacket is an essential part of your after-skiing outfit. Photo: Moncler

A top-notch ski jacket is a must for warmth and protection while skiing, but when you shift to après-ski activities, it’s all about switching to fashionable outerwear. Puffer jackets or quilted down jackets are fantastic choices – they provide superb insulation and are super trendy for winter.

Jacket Apres Ski
A colorful jacket can bring a pop of color to your cold-weather outfit. Photo: Madewell

If you’re looking for something with a bit more flair, faux fur-lined parkas or shearling jackets are excellent for both added warmth and a dash of style. For those who love to make a fashion statement, consider incorporating a trend like bomber jackets or oversized blazers into your après-ski wardrobe.

These pieces can really elevate your look and help you stand out. Keep an eye out for unique designs, such as metallic finishes or color-block patterns, to really make an impression and shine amidst the snowy backdrop.


Ski Sweater
A turtleneck sweater with color-blocking is always great for ski season. Photo: Net-a-Porter

Cozy sweaters are a must-have for après-ski fun, offering a range of styles from chunky cable knits to luxurious cashmere. There’s a whole world of choices to keep you snug and stylish. Add a turtleneck or a thermal base layer underneath for that extra warmth when layering your sweater.

Cable Knit Sweater Ralph Lauren
Bring post-slopes sophistication in a creamy cable-knit turtleneck and tailored ivory trousers. Photo: Ralph Lauren

For a chic look, try pairing your sweater with leggings or skinny jeans, and add a statement belt to tie it all together. Regarding materials, wool, fleece, and alpaca are top choices for warmth and comfort.

Wool is a fantastic option for its ability to retain heat and wick away moisture – ideal for cozying up after a day in the snow. If you’re after something light yet warm, fleece is your go-to, while alpaca is the epitome of softness and insulation, perfect for those who love a touch of luxury in their après-ski wardrobe.


Ski Boots Free People
Stay warm in quilted black snow boots with a chic lace-up design. Photo: Free People

Picking the perfect boots for your après-ski attire is key to nailing both style and practicality. You’ll want to look for waterproof, well-insulated ski boots that have a solid grip for those slippery surfaces. Snow boots, specifically crafted for snowy environments, are your best bet for keeping your feet snug and dry.

Snow Boots
Practicality meets style with these tan and black duck boots, perfect for a cozy cabin retreat. Photo: Net-a-Porter

If you’re leaning towards a more stylish edge, ankle boots or knee-high boots in leather or suede can add a fashionable flair. When choosing your boots, remember to consider the snowy conditions you’ll be facing.

Boots with insulation and thick soles are ideal for trudging through deep snow, whereas if you’re dealing with icy conditions, you might want boots with softer soles and more flexibility. Brands like Sorel and UGG are renowned in the après-ski fashion world, offering a range of stylish yet functional boots to round off your look perfectly.


Apres Ski Accessories
Accessorize in cozy comfort with a faux fur pom-pom beanie. Photo: J. McLaughlin

An après-ski ensemble isn’t truly complete without the right winter accessories. Hats, scarves, gloves, and sunglasses are crucial for fending off the cold. Consider hats adorned with pom-poms or beanies featuring fun patterns to inject a playful vibe into your outfit.

For practicality, chunky knit scarves and gloves compatible with touchscreens are great for keeping warm while staying connected. When it comes to choosing these accessories, aim for pieces that enhance the overall look of your outfit.

Scarf Print
Bundle up in a fair isle print scarf after hitting the slopes. Photo: J. Crew

You can either match the colors for a cohesive look or go for contrasting shades to create a striking ensemble. And let’s not forget about sunglasses – they’re essential for protecting your eyes from the snow’s glare and adding an element of cool sophistication to your après-ski style.

Après-Ski Style Beyond the Slopes

Accessories Apres-Ski Outfits
From neutrals to colors, make an après-ski statement with a patchwork puffer vest and vibrant pink leggings. Photo: Anthropologie

As our journey through après-ski outfits wraps up, it’s clear that the transition from slope to resort is about more than just a change of scenery. It’s an opportunity to blend the functional with the fashionable, to turn heads in the lodge as much as on the ski runs.

So, as you prepare for your next snowy vacation, remember these key elements: shopping for the right pieces, choosing lodging that complements your style, and embracing the resort atmosphere in your attire.

Whether you’re sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace or sharing ski stories at the lodge, let your après-ski outfits reflect your passion for both adventure and fashion.



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