Get Inked: Cute Wrist Tattoos For Women |

Get Inked: Cute Wrist Tattoos For Women

If you want to flaunt your tattoos, you can always get unique designs inked on the wrist. Since the tattoos on the wrist can completely change your look, even if you are wearing a simple top, be sure to pick a meaningful and attractive design.

You might want a name tattoo inked on the wrist to show love to your partner. However, when it comes to wrist tattoos for women, they should be cute and inspiring. You want something that enhances the entire appearance irrespective of the type of outfit you decide to wear. Here are some cute tattoo design ideas to inspire and get the desired ink on your wrist.


1 – Anchor Wrist Tattoo

The wrist is in a place on your body that is easily noticeable. Unlike other parts of our body, when we get a tattoo inked on our wrist, it is visible almost 24/7. Those looking for a tattoo design representing security and strength should get an anchor symbol inked on their wrist.

The anchor symbol is an extremely popular design because it makes the mind calm and motivates the soul in turbulent times. Moreover, when you get this symbol inked with the name of a loved one, it shows that this person provides safety.

2 – Angel Wings Tattoo

Angel wings are a trendy tattoo design for both young girls and women because it represents faith and freedom at the same time. It can also symbolize God giving divine protection to the wearer. Moreover, one can use this symbol with the name of someone you lost.

Even though you don’t need a specific meaning behind the tattoo design, angel wings can look super beautiful on the wrist. It is a timeless style that will be in fashion for years to come.

Be Happy Bird Tattoo

3 – Bird Tattoo on the Wrist

The bird tattoo design represents courage and freedom. Since there are uncountable bird species globally, you can choose any bird image to get inked. You just need to remember that each type of bird has a unique meaning other than the freedom linked with every bird. For instance, those who choose the bird image of swallow should know that this bird symbolizes good luck and loyalty.

You can also pick a hummingbird image to get inked on the wrist because it represents hope and joy. Since hummingbirds overcome all the obstacles in life and look for the future with joy, you can get massive motivation from this tattoo design. Furthermore, most bird tattoo designs look beautiful and inspiring.

Woman Getting Butterfly Tattoo Arm

4 – Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

The butterfly design looks beautiful for women of any age. The tattoo artist can add different bright colors to the butterfly design for it to look more realistic. Any woman who goes through change can get this tattoo design on their wrist and feel motivated every day. Just like birds, the butterfly also represents freedom and a love for nature.

Since butterflies go through a major transformation in life, every woman will connect with this tattoo design. Moreover, butterflies look beautiful around blooming flowers. Therefore, you can ask the tattoo artist to include flowers around the butterflies.

5 – Cross Tattoo

A cross tattoo design is an extremely popular tattoo design that is usually inked on the wrists of young girls. The cross is linked with Christianity and represents the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for humanity. When searching for a tattoo design that shows unconditional love and devotion, a cross tattoo on the wrist is appropriate. Likewise, this tattoo can be worn by those who are not religious. 

Since the wrist is not a large part of our body and is always visible, you should pick a meaningful symbol to get inked on the wrist. You can also include some meaningful words with the cross symbol. These words can reflect your values and ethics. 


  • We hope now you understand which tattoo designs can look extremely cute and motivating on the wrists. Even if you choose to get the name of a loved one inked on your wrist, make sure to include some beautiful and meaningful symbols. Always remember that tattoo designs of the wrist should be inspiring and unique.


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