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How to Make Your Wedding Special for Your Parents

Your wedding is more than the most special moment of your life. It is equally memorable for your parents because nothing makes a person happier than seeing their children find a perfect partner and committing to them for a lifetime. 

So you must do more than just invite your parents to the event. Making your wedding memorable for them should be a priority. Fortunately, a little effort is enough to give them all the happiness in the world. Here are some tips to bring joy to your loved ones on the occasion.


Seek Help with Planning

Wedding planning is a daunting task, and you cannot expect to handle everything alone. Of course, getting a professional wedding planner on board makes sense as it relieves the pre-wedding stress and ensures perfection. But you must make your parents a part of the process, seeking their input on the venue, guest lists, décor, and menu. Being a part of the ceremony brings many parents immense joy, so listen to them and do things accordingly. 

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Wear Family Heirlooms

Wearing a family heirloom on your big day is another way to show your love for your parents. You can actually save a fortune on your outfits by repurposing your mom’s gown or your dad’s tuxedo for the event. The good thing is that designers have plenty of options to rework them for a contemporary look. Using a part of the outfit, such as the veil, tie, or cufflinks, is a good idea if you do not want to opt for a completely vintage ensemble.

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Repurpose Their Wedding Rings

You can also honor your parents by wearing their wedding rings to replicate your commitment to a lifelong relationship. An expert jewelry designer can help you repurpose parents wedding rings according to your size, preference, and budget. This can be useful if your parents are divorced, or one has passed, so feel free to ask. The best part is that the rings stay in the family and can be passed on to your children.

Schedule a Photoshoot

A photoshoot is an integral part of the event. You can schedule an hour to get family photos with your parents to preserve the beautiful memories forever. The best time to do it is before the guests arrive so that the photographer can focus only on your parents. The good thing about taking an extra hour before the celebrations are that your makeup and décor are fresh.

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Show Appreciation

Your parents deserve all the credit you can give, and your wedding is the perfect time to show appreciation. You can thank them in your wedding toast and say how precious they are to you. Speak about everything they have done for you over the years and mention the special moments in the journey together. Be as generous with the words of appreciation because nothing compares to the sacrifices parents make for their kids.

Your wedding is a great time to make your parents feel special. You can be creative with small ideas and gestures to show the love and appreciation they deserve. 



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