Thanksgiving Outfits: 14 Chic Ideas to Wear to Dinner |

Thanksgiving Outfits: 14 Chic Ideas to Wear to Dinner

Thanksgiving is the time for gratitude, feasting, and quality moments with loved ones. But choosing the right Thanksgiving outfits is also crucial to enhancing your holiday experience. Whether you’re into fashion trends or personal style, the perfect ensemble lets you enjoy the festivities from the kitchen to the table. 

The goal? A look that’s both stylish and comfortable, allowing you to savor the feast and the company. So, as you gear up to give thanks this festive season, stick around for outfit ideas that promise comfort and a dash of chic.


Thanksgiving Outfits


Cardigan Sweater Jeans Thanksgiving Outfit
A festive sweater is a cozy way to make it to the big dinner. Photo: J. Crew

Picture a cardigan sweater adorned with a fair isle print. The pattern dances in neutral or autumnal orange hues, capturing the essence of fall in each stitch. This is a celebration of the season you can wear.

Pair it with your favorite jeans, perhaps in a dark wash to contrast the vibrant pattern. Or dress it up with chic trousers. Slip into some comfy loafers or ankle boots, and you have a fall outfit as inviting as a warm fire on a chilly evening.


Midi Length Dress Thanksgiving Outfit Madewell
When first impressions count, this midi-length dress says you’re elegant but not trying too hard. Photo: Madewell

The button-up shirt dress is the sartorial diplomat of Thanksgiving attire. It negotiates the fine line between formality and relaxation with the ease of a seasoned ambassador. Opt for a fabric like soft cotton or a cotton-linen blend to keep the comfort level high.

Kitten heels or flats are the perfect allies for this look, offering a touch of sophistication without going overboard. Add a leather belt to cinch the waist and a delicate necklace to draw attention to the collar, and you’re ready for any familial mission.


Sweater Button Up shirt Joggers Thanksgiving Outfit
Who says you can’t be comfy and chic? These sweatpants defy all the rules. Photo: Anthropologie

This holiday is a marathon, not a sprint, especially when it comes to feasting. Sweatpants or joggers are your culinary co-pilots, designed for maximum intake and comfort. But don’t just throw on any old pair. Choose ones with a tailored fit or a stylish side stripe.

Elevate this comfort classic by teaming it with a button-up shirt. Layer a pullover sweater on top, and you’ve got an ensemble that says, “I’m here for the food, but I also have a sense of style.” Wear clean white sneakers or slip-on loafers to complete this laid-back yet polished look.


Sweater Dress Thanksgiving Outfit Reiss
Elevate your knitwear game with a sweater dress that’s as formal as it is cozy. Photo: Reiss

If your Thanksgiving dinner is a restaurant with cloth napkins and multiple forks, a turtleneck sweater dress is your go-to. Choose a form-fitting silhouette to channel the coziness of the season while also serving up a dish of elegance.

Opt for a fabric blend with a touch of cashmere or merino wool for that extra layer of warmth. Knee-high boots, preferably in suede or soft leather, extend the line of the dress, elongating your silhouette. Dangling earrings, perhaps in gold or silver, add just the right amount of sparkle.


Animal Print Dress Overshirt Thanksgiving Outfit
Unleash your wild side this Thanksgiving with a dash of daring animal print. Photo: Reformation

Animal prints are the wild cards of the fashion deck, and Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to shuffle them into your outfit lineup. Picture a mini dress splashed with leopard spots or zebra stripes. It’s an adventure waiting to happen.

Pair it with ankle boots for a touch of rugged charm, or go for heels to elevate the look to untamed elegance. Consider adding a solid-colored clutch and minimalistic jewelry to let the print roar. A black or tan trench coat would make a stylish yet practical companion in chilly weather.


Sweater Vest Pleated Skirt Thanksgiving Outfit
The sweater vest is back, and it’s the perfect blend of retro charm and modern flair. Photo: Anthropologie

The ’90s are making a comeback, delivering the sweater vest straight to your 21st-century Thanksgiving. Choose a vest with a lively print–geometric shapes or even a quirky animal pattern. This piece is a conversation starter, a nod to nostalgia wrapped in modern-day chic.

Layer it over a crisp button-up shirt and wear it with a pleated skirt for a scholarly and spirited look. Add some tights for an extra layer of warmth and style. Footwear like loafers or low-heeled boots can complete this ensemble, making you the epitome of retro-cool.


Plaid shirt Jeans Thanksgiving Outfit
A plaid shirt jacket with wide-leg jeans is laid-back and perfectly fashionable. Photo: H&M

Plaid is the comfort food of fabrics, and what better time to indulge than Thanksgiving? Whether it’s a shirt or a shacket (that delightful hybrid of a shirt and jacket), plaid is your ticket to cozy town. Opt for a flannel material to up the comfort ante, and pair it with relaxed jeans.

This look is like a cup of hot apple cider but in outfit form. If you’re feeling adventurous, mix in some leather or suede accessories, like a belt or boots. For those extra chilly days, a beanie or knit cap in a complementary color can add both warmth and style.


Leather Jacket Sweater Mini Skirt Thanksgiving Outfit
Ditch the traditional look and opt for a leather jacket to add a cool twist to your holiday. Photo: AllSaints

A leather jacket is a statement of individuality for the family’s resident rule-breaker. Imagine a classic moto-style jacket or one with a bit of studded detailing for extra edge. Layer it over a cozy sweater-think cashmere or a soft knit-to create a juxtaposition of textures as intriguing as your personality.

A mini skirt adds a playful twist, making the ensemble a blend of grit and glamour. Footwear like combat boots or heeled ankle boots can add the finishing touch. Add a chunky metal bracelet or some layered necklaces to bring the whole look together without saying a word.

Thanksgiving Fashion Guide: From Family to Friends

Thanksgiving isn’t just a feast for your taste buds; it’s a feast for the eyes, too. Your outfit sets the stage for the holiday’s warm atmosphere, whether you’re with family or friends. So, let’s dive into various outfit inspirations to help you craft the ideal look for any Turkey Day setting.


Polka Dot Print Blouse Thanksgiving Outfits
Incorporate polka dots in your Turkey Day look for something playful. Photo: J. Crew

Stay in tune with current fashion trends to add a fresh twist to your ensemble. This season, consider wearing rich reds or olive greens. Pinstripes and polka dots are also making a splash, so don’t shy away from incorporating them.


Relaxed Jeans Thanksgiving Outfit Reformation
Whether casual in relaxed jeans or more dressed up, make sure you’re relaxed for the big day. Photo: Reformation

Thanksgiving is all about warmth, comfort, and quality time with loved ones. Align your outfit with the holiday’s essence. Whether you’re into timeless elegance or a laid-back vibe, the options are endless.


Color Coordination Thanksgiving Outfit
Harmonize your look with the fall palette for a Thanksgiving that’s picture-perfect. Photo: AGCreativeLab / Deposit Photos

A well-curated outfit blends coordinated colors and patterns. Seasonal hues like burgundy, mustard yellow, and olive green are your go-to. Mix in patterns like plaid, houndstooth, and floral to add depth and personality.


Family Dress Thanksgiving Outfit
A flutter-sleeve dress is family-approved, offering a balance of ease and style for the holiday. Photo: Madewell

When it comes to family gatherings, your outfit is a statement piece. A chic jumpsuit or a knee-length dress for women can be the perfect canvas for style. Elevate the look with stylish heels for an ensemble that seamlessly blends elegance with comfort.


Shirt Dress Boots Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfits
A zebra print shirt dress brings some whimsy to your Friendsgiving. Photo: H&M

For a Thanksgiving with friends, casual chic is the name of the game. An oversized shirt dress paired with trendy leggings strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style. Add a pop of personality with a statement necklace, cowboy boots, or a funky scarf, and you’re set for a feast among friends.

Dressing for Joy

Coat Thanksgiving Outfit
Layer up your holiday outfit with a plaid coat. Photo: iStock

When it comes to Thanksgiving outfits, let’s not forget the essence—comfort and style can coexist, like a well-set holiday table. Your choice of attire, be it a cozy sweater or a splash of animal print, serves as an appetizer for the feast of connection that awaits. 

It’s a visual language that complements the spirit of the holiday: gratitude, togetherness, and the love that fills rooms and hearts alike. So go ahead and dress in a way that amplifies your joy this fall holiday, making the day a feast for the stomach and the eyes.



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