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Types of Aesthetics: Your Guide to the Top 2024 Styles

Style is all about choices, and the different types of aesthetics offer a captivating array of fashion possibilities, each with its own distinct flair and cultural influences.

Whether you’re drawn to the timeless sophistication of decades-old vintage styles or the rebellious edge of the grunge aesthetic, see the key styles that have taken the fashion world by storm.

Uncover the history, signature pieces, and styling tips to help you cultivate a personal sense of style.


Types of Aesthetics


Vintage Aesthetic
Vintage fashion: Timeless elegance meets modern sophistication with polka dots. Photo: Shutterstock

The vintage aesthetic, celebrated by icons like Dita von Teese, revives the mid-20th-century glamour of the 1940s and 1950s. This style is marked by classic patterns like polka dots, which emerged as a staple during those eras. To achieve this timeless look, attention to detail is crucial.

Accessories such as cat-eye sunglasses, retro headscarves, and pearl necklaces can transform a modern ensemble with a vintage twist. Key garments include high-waisted trousers, full skirts, and fitted blouses, essential for recreating the distinctive appeal of vintage fashion.


Soft Girl Aesthetic
Soft Girl: Whimsical pastel hues and feminine charm with a pink cardigan and high-waist jeans. Photo: Shutterstock

Inspired by Japan’s Kawaii culture, the soft girl aesthetic exudes dreamy, romantic vibes through pastel colors and cute accessories, gaining global popularity on social media.

Essential to achieving this look are babydoll dresses, oversized sweaters with high-waisted jeans, and skirts in soft hues.

Complete your ensemble with playful accessories like scrunchies, headbands, and heart-shaped sunglasses to embrace whimsical femininity fully.


90s Aesthetic
Double denim with baggy-fit jeans is a trademark look of 90s style. Photo: Felix Young / Pexels

The 90s were a landmark era for fashion, giving rise to iconic subcultures like grunge, preppy, and hip-hop. These styles have evolved into timeless classics. Today, chunky sneakers, mom jeans, and oversized blazers capture the decade’s enduring appeal.

Baggy jeans also embrace this spirit. Pair them with a crop top or a fitted turtleneck for a contemporary twist on 90s style. Additionally, sweater vests remain a staple, ideal for layering over a button-up shirt or a long-sleeve dress.


Cottagecore Aesthetic
Cottagecore: Rustic romance meets countryside chic with a floral print dress. Photo: Shutterstock

Cottagecore is a fashion subculture that romanticizes the idyllic lifestyle of the countryside. It is all about embracing a slower pace of life, nature, and cozy, rustic charm. Focus on a loose, comfortable clothing style in soft fabrics and earthy tones to achieve the perfect cottage core look.

Incorporate floral prints, ruffles, lace, and vintage-inspired designs to add a touch of whimsy. Accessorize with handmade jewelry, straw hats, and woven shoulder bags to complete the rustic aesthetic.


Y2K Aesthetic
Y2K: The Millennium fashion revival is in full swing with matching hoodie sets. Photo: iStock

Y2K fashion, also known as early 2000s style, is making a comeback with its bold colors, playful prints, and standout accessories. Think low-rise jeans, miniskirts, and crop tops that flaunt the midriff, capturing a more playful aesthetic. Futuristic silver and metallic hues are also must-haves.

To adopt this style, start with key pieces like brightly colored or graphically designed crop tops, chunky platform sandals, and mini backpacks. Mixing and matching with elements from styles like preppy, pop punk, or grunge can uniquely elevate your Y2K-inspired look.


Grunge Aesthetic
Grunge: Effortless edge and rebellious flair with distressed denim and plaid skirts. Photo: Shutterstock

Grunge fashion, rooted in the 90s punk and alternative rock music scenes, remains a timeless classic with its effortless and edgy vibe. To capture this style, focus on oversized and distressed items like ripped jeans and large plaid flannel shirts.

Layering different textures and fabrics is key to grunge fashion, allowing for a creative mix-and-match approach. Essential accessories include combat boots, chokers, and studded belts. Complement the look with natural and minimal hair and makeup to embody the full grunge aesthetic.


Indie Aesthetic
Indie: Quirky, eclectic, and uniquely stylish like these slouchy pants. Photo: iStock

Looking to add unique, quirky pieces to your wardrobe that showcase your individuality? Embrace the indie aesthetic, which celebrates alternative, non-mainstream styles focused on creativity and self-expression.

To master the indie look, mix vintage items with contemporary pieces. Opt for oversized, layered clothing like baggy sweaters and flowy skirts, and experiment with patterns and textures-combine florals with stripes or mix leather with denim.

Don’t forget accessories. Statement pieces like funky hats, bold jewelry, and chunky boots are essential. Let your individuality shine through with indie fashion.


60s Aesthetic
60s: Bold patterns and mod vibes take center stage with a Peter Pan collar dress. Photo: Steven Ferdman/Everett Collection / Deposit Photos

The 60s aesthetic is a celebration of boundary-pushing individuality and the rise of mod fashion. Opt for key pieces like mini skirts, A-line dresses, and slim-cut pants highlighting iconic 60s silhouettes to channel this transformative decade. 

Geometric prints, bold colors, and classic patterns like houndstooth and polka dots add a retro flair. Boxy jackets, Peter Pan collars, and turtlenecks capture the mod essence of tops. 

Round off your look with cat-eye sunglasses, statement jewelry, and footwear like Mary Janes or Chelsea boots.


70s Aesthetic
70s: Groovy vibes and captivating silhouettes with flared jeans. Photo: Shutterstock

The 70s fashion era, known for its vibrant colors, bold patterns, and iconic silhouettes, continues to influence modern trends. Consider palazzo pants or bell-bottom jeans paired with prints like floral, paisley, and geometric motifs to channel this nostalgic style.

Opt for flowy blouses with balloon sleeves or fitted turtlenecks that easily transition from day to night. For a true 70s vibe, try a jumpsuit or maxi dress to channel Cher vibes.

Complete your look with must-have accessories such as oversized sunglasses, platform shoes, and chunky jewelry to embrace the disco-inspired aesthetic fully.


Preppy Aesthetic
Preppy: Polished sophistication for a timeless look with tailored pants. Photo: iStock

Preppy fashion is all about looking clean, put-together, and polished. It originated in the Ivy League schools of the Northeastern United States in the early 20th century and has since become a staple of classic American style. 

Preppy clothing is often associated with wealthy, privileged individuals, but anyone can rock this style with the right pieces. To achieve this look, start with classic wardrobe staples like a button-down shirt, a blazer, or a pleated skirt. 

Stripes, plaids, and solid colors in navy, red, and white shades are also essential to the preppy aesthetic. Plaid skirts like the ones from Clueless really showcase this look. You can accessorize with a classic watch, a structured tote bag, or loafers for a polished finish.


Light Academia Aesthetic
Light Academia: Intellectual elegance and vintage-inspired fashion with a sweater and pleated skirt combination. Photo: Deposit Photos

Light academia is a relatively new style that has emerged on social media in recent years. It’s all about blending vintage-inspired pieces with modern, intellectual items to create a scholarly and stylish look. 

The light academia aesthetic is characterized by soft, muted colors like beige, cream, and dusty pink, as well as classic wardrobe staples like pleated skirts, Oxford shoes, and wool blazers. 

Start with a vintage-inspired blouse or a pencil skirt to achieve a light academia look. Accessorize with a statement hair clip or a vintage-inspired watch. Soft, natural makeup and a messy bun will complete the look.


Dark Academia Aesthetic Outfit
Blazers and dark colors made the dark academia look stand out. Photo: Deposit Photos

Dark academia, the nocturnal counterpart to light academia, celebrates scholarly pursuits with a somber tone and vintage-inspired fashion.

Embracing intellectual complexities, it draws from European culture and classic literature. Imagine yourself in a dimly lit library, dressed in a tweed suit, turtleneck, and dark leather brogues, topped with a beret for a touch of French chic.

The style’s rich, moody color palette includes charcoal grey, maroon, navy, and olive green, finding inspiration in book series like Harry Potter and Interview with the Vampire.


Baddie Aesthetic Outfit
Bold and sensual are the trademarks of the baddie aesthetic. Photo: Deposit Photos

The baddie aesthetic is bold, empowering, and unapologetically glamorous. Inspired by Instagram and beauty gurus like Kylie Jenner, it’s all about commanding attention. Picture yourself walking into a room standing out in a form-fitting black dress paired with thigh-high boots. 

The color palette is often bold, featuring blacks, reds, and metallics. Accessories are key: large hoop earrings, a statement belt, and perhaps a designer handbag.

Makeup leans towards the dramatic, with a bold lip and smoky eyes. This aesthetic is for those who aren’t afraid to express their confidence and take risks in fashion.


Casual Aesthetic Outfit
Jeans, a sweater, and a t-shirt define a casual look. Photo: Deposit Photos

Casual aesthetic outfits are your go-to for everyday comfort without sacrificing style. For this look, a pair of well-fitted jeans meets a soft, oversized sweater and a denim jacket.

Neutral shades like beige, white, and light blue keep the look fresh. Elevate this laid-back style with minimalist accessories-think a sleek wristwatch design and white sneakers.


Skater Aesthetic Outfit
Sporty meets casual for the skater girl look. Photo: Deposit Photos

Distressed denim shorts, graphic tees, and iconic sneakers like Vans or Converse define the skater girl look. Your look combines casual comfort and rebellious flair as you cruise down the boardwalk. 

Earthy tones, blacks, and grays form the base of your color scheme, accented by occasional vibrant hues. Consider adding layered necklaces, beanies, or a functional backpack to personalize your ensemble. It’s all about a free-spirited, agile lifestyle.


Fairycore Dress
Puff sleeves and ruffles channel a fairy girl style. Photo: Deposit Photos

Step into a sunlit forest wearing a flowy, floral maxi dress and lace-up sandals, and you’ve entered the world of fairycore. The aesthetic leans heavily on soft pastels, creams, and earthy greens, creating an ethereal atmosphere.

To elevate this dreamy style, adorn yourself with delicate jewelry, flower crowns, or even a wicker basket as a unique accessory. More than a fashion statement, Fairycore is your passport to a life imbued with whimsy, magic, and dreamlike wonder.


E Girl Look
Rebellious style takes the spotlight for e-girls. Photo: Deposit Photos

The E-girl aesthetic is a vibrant fusion of internet culture and edgy fashion, often seen on platforms like TikTok. Imagine a black mesh top layered over a neon turtleneck paired with a plaid skirt and chunky combat boots.

The look is punctuated by bold makeup choices, such as winged eyeliner and brightly colored eyeshadow. Accessories often include layered chains and multiple ear piercings.


Mob Wife Aesthetic
Channel mysterious vibes in faux fur for the mob wife look. Photo: Shutterstock

The mob wife aesthetic is a fashion trend inspired by the glamorous style of women in Italian-American mafia films like The Godfather and Goodfellas.

This look features all-black outfits with leather pieces, opulent fur coats, and an abundance of gold jewelry. Accessories include big sunglasses, designer handbags, and bold makeup with red nails and lipstick.

The aesthetic is topped off with high-volume hairstyles, embodying an unapologetic, confident “boss” attitude.


Victorian-inspired details make the coquette style so chic. Photo: Free People

The coquette aesthetic channels a blend of vintage femininity and modern allure. It embraces soft pastels, lace, and ruffles to create a delicate, romantic vibe. Look for corset tops, fluttery skirts, and dainty accessories like pearl necklaces and satin gloves.

Makeup is typically soft, with flushed cheeks and glossy lips, complementing hairstyles like soft curls or updos with ribbons.


Old Money Aesthetic
Neutral colors and clean lines make the old money look stand out. Photo: Shutterstock

The old money aesthetic emphasizes classic, high-quality styles inspired by those with generation wealth. Think of items such as tailored blazers, crisp button-downs, and well-fitted trousers.

Key elements include neutral color palettes, subtle patterns, and luxurious fabrics like cashmere and silk.

Accessories are minimal yet refined, featuring leather loafers, simple pearl earrings, and tasteful watches. The overall look is polished and sophisticated.


Goth Aesthetic
Embrace an all-black look for the ideal goth outfit. Photo: Shutterstock

The goth aesthetic emphasizes dark, enigmatic fashion and an affinity for the macabre. The stand-out pieces include black clothing, leather and lace materials, and dramatic accessories like chokers and combat boots.

Makeup is characteristically bold with dark eyeliners and black or deep red lipstick, enhancing the overall mysterious vibe. This style reflects themes of melancholy and rebellion against mainstream norms.

Clothing as a Canvas

UO Aesthetic Fashion
Mix and match styles to find your own aesthetic. Photo: UO

Exploring the different types of aesthetics empowers you to express your individuality in vibrant and transformative ways. Whether channeling the serene whimsy of fairycore or embracing the polished sophistication of the old money look, each aesthetic offers a unique path to express your style preferences.

As you consider these diverse styles, think of how each piece or accessory can be a statement of your identity and creative expression. Start small by incorporating signature pieces from your favorite aesthetics or boldly mixed elements to create a one-of-a-kind look.



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