Tennis Outfits: Winning Styles to Up Your Game |

Tennis Outfits: Winning Styles to Up Your Game

When it comes to tennis, the right attire is crucial for both performance and style on the court. Tennis outfits for women are designed to combine comfort and functionality. A perfect outfit significantly enhances agility and performance, especially considering the dynamic movements inherent in the game.

Comfort is paramount. An outfit that offers freedom of movement and fits well is essential. Next, consider functionality. Tennis attire should feature moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you cool and dry and may include sun protection for outdoor play at the country club.

You can make a lasting impression on the court with the right apparel, whether a lifelong player or a green novice. So get ready to channel Zendaya in Challengers and embrace the sporty aesthetic.


Tennis Outfits


Colorblocked Dress Tennis Outfit
Make a statement in a color block tennis dress, where classic elegance meets modern athleticism. Photo:

A navy and white tennis dress exudes understated elegance with its contoured design and subtle color blocking. Enhance this streamlined look with a smartwatch to keep track of your heart rate. A pair of minimalist stud earrings could add a touch of sophistication to the sporty attire.


Polo Shirt Skirt Tennis Outfit
Brighten up the court with a splash of color, wearing a vibrant yellow polo and pleated skirt. Photo:

Don’t be afraid to embrace color on the court. A vibrant yellow polo paired with a pristine pleated skirt provides a sporty yet elegant appearance. After all, bold pastels are a top trend to follow.

Complement this sunny ensemble with white performance sneakers and a matching yellow visor, and consider choosing from Lacoste women’s polos for an added touch of classic style to your game.


Jacket Pants Sneakers Tennis Outfit
Layer up in style with a black and aqua jacket, the perfect companion for chilly mornings and late evening matches. Photo: Ali Karimiboroujeni / Unsplash

Playing tennis in cold weather? Embrace a dynamic fusion of utility and style with the black and aqua zip-up jacket paired with leggings. The sharp color contrast adds a modern edge, while the silhouette ensures ease of movement. Consider a chic visor that aligns with the jacket’s color scheme for an updated look.


Pink Polo Mini Skirt Tennis Outfit
Sporty yet chic, this polo and skirt combo sets a standard for effortless tennis fashion. Photo:

The soft-hued polo shirt and classic white skirt blend leisure and athleticism, making for an effortlessly sporty ensemble. You can enhance this look by introducing a pop of color with a patterned headband or wristbands, adding both function and a playful twist.


White Shirt Skirt Tennis Outfit
Throwback to classic tennis fashion with a white zip-up top and pleated skirt for a timeless court look. Photo:

Looking to channel a retro vibe? Wear a zip-up top and pleated skirt in white paired with vintage-inspired sunglasses to create a nostalgic yet stylish court look. To modernize this ensemble, consider swapping the traditional tennis shoes for a pair of sleek, performance-oriented sneakers with subtle color accents.


Sports Bra Skirt Tennis Outfit
Dare to be different in an all-black ensemble that breaks tennis norms. Photo:

The striking all-black outfit featuring a sports bra and flared skirt set a bold, monochromatic statement. A metallic or brightly colored wrist accessory could break the solid color theme, lending an unexpected edge to this athletic attire.


Blue Tank Top Skirt Tennis
Breeze through your matches in a light blue tank and white skirt. Photo:

A light blue tank top paired with a crisp white miniskirt embodies the essence of tennis tradition. Introduce a sleek, white performance baseball hat and UV-protective sunglasses to modernize this ensemble, balancing classic aesthetics with contemporary practicality.


Shirt Dress Tennis Outfit
Bring court elegance in a black polo dress, where sophistication meets athletic prowess. Photo:

The sleek black polo dress with white accents offers a sophisticated take on the classic tennis uniform. To refine the outfit, switch the high-tops for streamlined white tennis shoes, maintaining a two-toned theme. Introduce a touch of luxury with a delicate silver bracelet, subtly reflecting the sunlight during play.

Essential Tennis Accessories

Tennis Accessories
Complete your tennis look with the right accessories that are functional and fashionable. Photo:

Stepping onto the tennis court goes beyond skillful play. It’s also an avenue to showcase personal style through various accessories. From functional pieces that enhance performance to stylish add-ons that express individuality, tennis accessories are integral to a player’s repertoire. 

Wristbands: Enhance your court presence with wristbands. These essentials wick away sweat and add a splash of style to your sportswear. Select from various hues and fabrics to make a personal statement during those intense volleys.

Headbands: A stylish headband is indispensable for maintaining a polished look while keeping perspiration at bay. They secure your hair and ensure unobstructed vision, enabling you to concentrate on your swing with grace and poise.

Visors: An elegant visor is a must-have accessory for any tennis look, providing critical protection from the glare of the sun while enhancing your overall look. Opt for designs with adjustable bands to meld comfort with chic functionality.

Tennis Sunglasses
Shield your eyes in style with sporty sunglasses for UV protection. Photo: iStock

Sunglasses: Performance-oriented sunglasses with UV protection are essential for maintaining clear vision on sunny days. They can be both a functional and a fashionable addition to your tennis outfit.

Socks: High-performance socks with sneakers provide cushioning and support can also be chosen in colors or patterns that add a fun or sophisticated edge to your attire.

Tennis Bags: A stylish tennis bag will carry your racquet and gear. Make a fashion statement that reflects your personal style with bold color combinations or subtle stripe accents.

Style Match Point

Glam Tennis Look
Own the court with tennis styles that score points for fashion and wearability. Photo:

Fashion and function intertwine to create a unique sporting aesthetic in tennis. Tennis outfits are a personal style statement while enhancing your performance. From the classic tank look to the iconic polo shirt, each ensemble offers a way to shine on the court, blending tradition with a contemporary attitude.

Remember, your outfit choice can influence your game and your confidence. Whether you opt for the sleek sophistication of a shirt dress or the retro charm of a white shirt and skirt set, each piece plays a part in crafting your court persona.

Accessories like wristbands, headbands, and stylish sunglasses serve practical purposes and add that extra touch of personality. As you step onto the court, embrace the perfect balance of style and athleticism.



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